Red Tennis Shoe Warmer Special

Red Tennis Shoe Warmer Special from Pink Zebra is now available! Do your kids need new shoes for back to school? Maybe Mom needs a new pair also! Check out this cute Red Sneaker warmer with an exclusive scent of Citrus Burst. Brighten up your at home classroom for a fresh start, pick one up for your favorite teacher, or jazz up your kiddos bedrooms. Make the den have a pop up color, so many possibilities! #RedTennisShoes #GottaHaveAPair #PinkZebra #Sprinkles #HomeFragrance #HomeDecor #Summer #August #Cute #Love #Sale

Pink Zebra Red Tennis Shoe Warmer Special is now available!
Red Tennis Sneaker Warmer Special is now available!

This warmer will be so fun to have in your house or office. Only $49 plus tax and shipping. The Pink Zebra Red Tennis Shoe warmer is a simmer pot style so that means no light bulbs to burn out. It comes with an off and on switch on the cord. You will also receive a FREE jar of the exclusive scent Citrus Burst. It features bright notes of lemon zest and grapefruit.

$49 🇺🇸 Available while supplies last.

Available through my Pink Zebra website: www.pinkzebrahome.com/dianapence

Red Tennis Shoe Warmer is fun for any room or office.
Red sneaker Warmer is fun for any room or office

I can’t wait to get this warmer, I have the perfect place in my office and also in my teenage son’s room. Because we all know that teen bedrooms can be a stinky place!

This will be one pair of sneakers will smell fabulous and not stinky in your house!

Diana 🙂

Pink Zebra Disinfectant Sprays

Pink Zebra Disinfectant Sprays is another way to stay Supa’ Clean and are available now! Supa’ Clean Disinfectant Spray kills 99.9% of germs on skin and surfaces! Therefore it is both safe and effective.

Perfect for things like shopping carts and door handles! Think of all the possibilities. Are you going out to shop and don’t want to use the bleach water the store supplies? No worries, now you can just pull out your disinfectant spray from Pink Zebra and spritz the cart handles and off you go. How many times do you eat out with the kiddos and realize that everyone before you has touched the table and chairs? Before you sit down give a quick spritz and wipe the table and chairs! Ultimately we want our families to feel and stay safe.

At home wipe down all surfaces, light switches, remotes, even the fridge door handle. In the kitchen, I love the scent of Simply Lemon. In the meantime our sprays are available in 5 different fragrances with more scents to be added in our fall catalog. Soon you will have even more choices on how you disinfect your home!

Disinfectant Spray Simply Lemon
Disinfectant Spray Simply Lemon

I like to use the Relax fragrance in the bedrooms and on the light switches. I love the calming effect it has in the room. Lightly scented, you will want to take a deep breath and enjoy the scent of Lavender and Vanilla. Making it perfect for the office and classrooms! Above all else we want our kiddos to stay safe at school.

Disinfectant Spray Relax and Clean
Disinfectant Spray Relax and Clean

Importantly the active ingredient is 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. As a result you will know that the sprays are working. Inactive ingredients include water, glycerin, fragrance/parfum, fragrance allergens. 3.75 fl oz/110 ml $9 US and $12 Canada Same fragrances as the other Supa’ Clean products.

Pink Zebra Disinfectant Sprays are a perfect addition to our Supa Clean line that already includes the Hand Soaps and the Hand Sanitizers. They are all PH balanced to not dry out your skin. In the meantime check the entire line out at www.pinkzebrahome.com/dianapence

Pink Zebra Supa Clean Line in Simply Lemon
Pink Zebra Supa Clean Line in Simply Lemon

Pink Zebra Hand Sanitizer is Here!

Pink Zebra hand sanitizer is here and we are so proud and excited to introduce you to this new product. 👏Put your hands together for a Hand Sanitizer that is free of sulfates, phosphates and contains the recommended 70% alcohol. Every fragrance is a pH-balanced blend of ingredients and essential oils – leaving your hands supa soft and Supa’ Clean!

Pink Zebra Hand Sanitizers
Pink Zebra Hand Sanitizers

Although soaps and toilet paper are hard to find right now we have created an hand sanitizer in 5 wonderful fragrances to help keep your supply well stocked. Our bottles are 8.5 fluid ounces, and cost $12 + tax. and come with a quality pump nozzle. Current scents are Air Care+, Hers, Clean, Relax (Lavender & Vanilla), and Simply Lemon.

Pink Zebra hand sanitizer Current scents are Air Care+, Hers, Clean, Relax (Lavender & Vanilla), and Simply Lemon.
Pink Zebra hand sanitizer Current scents are Air Care+, Hers, Clean, Relax (Lavender & Vanilla), and Simply Lemon.

🧼 Made with essential oils
🧼 Made with 70% alcohol
🧼 Contains NO triclosan, sulfates, parabens or phosphates
🧼 PH Balance of 5.5% (same as your skin)

Ordering your new favorite Pink Zebra hand sanitizers soaps is easy to do, just head over to www.pinkzebrahome.com/dianapence/shop.asp  So be watching for more sanitizing products to be added soon with your favorite fragrances featured.

Diana 🙂

Pink Zebra Sprinkle Recipes

Let’s talk Pink Zebra sprinkle recipes! If you have been following me or checking out Pink Zebra you know that our wax is a soft soy blend that is made from soy beans from good ol American Farmers! I love we are America Proud!

Our sprinkles are safe and non-toxic and are made with food grade products so if the pets, kids, or hubby gets a hold of them no harm done! I love knowing that what I am warming in my home is safe with no toxic chemicals.

So what can you do with sprinkles? One of the best things is to mix and match them and make recipes to create new scents or create your very own personal signature fragrance.

Sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air. Sea Salt & Vanilla is one of my favorite scents from this catalog. I love this recipe, it is clean and fresh with a hint of the ocean. I love anything Vanilla and when added to a clean and fresh scent there is nothing better. Smells so good! So give Air Care Plus, Clean, and Sea Salt & Vanilla a try.

Pink Zebra Sprinkle Recipe
Pink Zebra Sprinkle Recipe

Everyone needs a refreshing treat out on the patio during the summer or anytime really. So try this one out called Citrus Melon Pops. Our fresh Citrus Air Care mixed with I love Watermelon will take you back to a popsicle on the patio.

Citrus Melon Pops sprinkle recipe
Citrus Melon Pops sprinkle recipe

Has the stress of working from home got you this Spring? If so then you will are needing a spa day for sure! A nice, long, relaxing Bubble Bath is just what you need to wind down, take a moment for yourself and breathe. A mixture of Stone Washed Denim, Relax, and Hers is just the combo to help you do that.

Bubble Bath sprinkle recipe
Bubble Bath sprinkle recipe

Do you love when you walk into your house and it smells like you have been baking all day? No problem, you can make it smell like that everyday without all the hard work! Just mix Life’s A Peach, Blueberry Waffles, and Toasted Marshmallow to have your family asking what’s in the oven???

Blueberry Peach Cobbler Sprinkle Recipe
Blueberry Peach Cobbler Sprinkle Recipe

No matter what you love your house to smell like Pink Zebra Sprinkle Recipes can help you out! With over 50 different fragrances and a million ways to mix them we can create just about any scent you can imagine. Pick out your favorites or even create and name a new recipe at our Blend Bar on my website where other guests can check it out also. www.pinkzebrahome.com/dianapence is where the fun is at!

Diana 🙂

Pink Zebra Introduces Anti-Bacterial Soaps

Pink Zebra is introducing Anti-Bacterial Soaps. Are you in need of ANTIBACTERIAL SOAPS?? 💞💞💞 PZ can help! Although soaps and toilet paper are hard to find right now we have created an anti-bacterial soap in 5 wonderful fragrances to help keep your supply well stocked.

📣 I am excited to announce Pink zebras new product line…Supa’ Clean Anti-bacterial Soaps! That’s right! Even if you Can’t find any on the shelves, PZ is here to save the day! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 Furthermore they come in 5 of our most popular fragrances and that will have you smelling clean and leaving your hands feeling soft and smooth.

Soap bottles are 8.5 fluid ounces, and cost $12 + tax. and come with a quality pump nozzle.

Anti-bacterial Soaps!
Introducing Anti-Bacterial Soaps

Current scents are Air Care+, Hers, Clean, Relax (Lavender & Vanilla), and Simply Lemon. But Simply Lemon will be available for purchase on Friday, April 17th at 10 Am! Limit 2 per fragrance, per order, per day (which means you can get 2 of each fragrance, on one order per day)! Available on Web site orders only!

• Please note.. simply lemon 🍋 will be available April 24, 2020

🧼 Made with essential oils
🧼 Kills 99% of germs
🧼 Contains NO triclosan, sulfates, parabens or phosphates
🧼 PH Balance of 5.5% (same as your skin)
🧼 Gentle but effective

Anti-bacterial Soaps!
pink zebra anti-bacterial soaps

Ordering your new favorite soaps is easy to do, just head over to www.pinkzebrahome.com/dianapence/shop.asp Also be watching for more sanitizing products to be added soon with your favorite fragrances featured.

Diana 🙂

Pink Zebra Sunshine Warmer Special for April

A Fun Pink Zebra Sunshine Warmer Special, how cute is this?? There is no doubt about it, MOMS are the sunshine even on our cloudiest days!☀️ This vibrant, sunny yellow Simmer Pot is the perfect gift to show your mom how much sunshine and happiness she brings to your life. The charming Simmer Pot comes with an exclusive FREE Jar of Radiant Blooms Sprinkles. It features bright, sweet notes of orange, peach, pear blossom, vanilla flower, and geranium. This darling set is sure, to brighten mom’s home and heart! 💝

Pink Zebra Sunshine Warmer
Pink Zebra Sunshine Warmer

You are my sunshine! Bright and sunny yellow, this Simmer Pot is the perfect gift for Mom or anyone who brings sunshine and happiness to your life. Everyone loves details so here it is: This adorable Simmer Pot measures 4.5” h x 3.5” in diameter. It comes with an exclusive 3.75 oz. jar of Radiant Bloom Sprinkles and is $35 for the set.

Radiant Blooms Sprinkles: Bright and sweet notes of Orange, Peach, Pear Blossom, Vanilla Flower, and Geraniums.

Check out the combo below ~ Our exclusive Sunshine Warmer and sprinkles but look what you can add to it to make it a complete bundle. Although it may be cold outside inside with our Citrus Air Care and Lemon Pound Cake Sprinkles added to your warmer you will be dreaming and smelling the fresh scent of spring right around the corner. But adding any two jars to the combo will get you Free shipping!

Pink Zebra Sunshine Warmer with our Fun Spring Scents
Sunshine Warmer with our Fun Spring Scents

How to Order Your Warmer

This bright and sunny warmer will bring back the memories of you or someone special to you singing the beloved song. I know I sang it to each of my kids when they were little. So Spread a little sunshine with those you love by heading over to www.pinkzebrahome.com/dianapence/shop.asp and pick up a couple of gifts and don’t forget to get one for yourself!

Diana 🙂

Pink Zebra Carton Sale Check It out!

Our newest Pink Zebra Carton Sale is starting. Who needs Cartons at 15% off? Everyone does! Well you are in luck because starting on Monday, April 6th, at 10:00 am EST and ending on April 9th – the following Cartons are on sale. Get your favorites now and bring a bit of spring and summer to your life.

Select Sprinkle cartons are on sale from April 6 thru April 9

I love when we have a good sale! I see several of my favorites on the list below. For spring the I love Watermelon is fun, the Citrus Air Care will make it smell like you have been cleaning. Although we are stuck at home no reason to have a smelly house. Maybe you would like your house to smell like you have been baking, then try the Lemon Pound Cake sprinkles. Are you dreaming of spring flowers? Try our scent called Flower Girl, a light mixture of flowers and a little sass. Perhaps clean and fresh is your jam then try the Stone Washed Denim or the Blue Skies.

Aloe & Sea Salt, Apricot Fig, Beach Breeze, black Cherry, Blue Skies, Cactus Water, California Boy, Celebration Cake, Citrus Air Care +, Crisp Apple, Fireside Vanilla, Flower Girl, Fresh Juicy Pineapple, Grape Popsicle, I Love Watermelon, Kiwi Martini, Lemon Pound Cake, Orange Slices, Peaches & Oranges, Sawdust & Leather, Smoothie, Sour Gummies, Stone Washed Denim, Stress Relief, Sweet Wild Berries, Vanilla Tease

Pink Zebra Spring Carton Sale

No matter what fragrance you choose it will sure to be a win! A great way to change it up is to mix and match the sprinkles. Sawdust & Leather with Black Cherry will make you and the man happy. Stress Relief and Beach Breeze will give you a mini vacation. Head on over to www.pinkzebrahome.com/dianapence/shop.asp to get your favorites!

Diana 🙂

$50 Off To Join Pink Zebra

Join Pink Zebra for $50 off! Find your tribe and join a team that is on fire. Work from home! How would it feel to pay cash for Christmas 🌲🎁this year? Pay a bill? Cover a car 🚗 payment? Would you like to save for a family vacation? 🏖️ How about not worrying if your child wants to play club sports?⚽⚾🏀🏐🏈🎾🥋⛸️ You can enroll them in two dance classes instead of one! But more than the money is the friendships, I have found my tribe! I have been recognized for achievements 🏆 that no regular job would ever do. My husband and I have been on company trips of a life-time. Zip-lining in Costa Rica, 🐠Snorkling in the Dominican Republic, 🌊 stayed in a castle in Ireland, 🍀 and so many other places!So, if you find yourself wondering how your are going to pay off that bill, or just needing something “extra” then let’s talk!! Message me for the details! #TakeAChance #FindYourTribe #WelcomeToTheTeam #PayOffYourBills #BecomeDebtFree

I really can't tell you how much Pink Zebra has changed my life!  $50 off to join Pink Zebra is amazing.  Let's talk!

I really can’t tell you how much Pink Zebra has changed my life! $50 off to join Pink Zebra is amazing. Let’s talk! You will be joining a fabulous team. I offer one on one training and help from other leaders on my team. I have a wonderful team page full of awesome people. It doesn’t matter where you live as we do lots of live trainings on facebook to help everyone out! So take a leap of faith and join me on your next journey and come meet all your new best friends!

Ready to join? Head over to www.pinkzebrahome.com/dianapence/join.asp and choose your kit and let the fun begin!

Diana 🙂

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ScentFlirt A Monthly Subscription

Just for Fragrance Lovers

Let’s talk about ScentFlirt!

Are you a #fragrancefanatic?
Do you love #surprises?
How about an unexpected #deal?
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Come experience #ScentFlirt ~ a monthly subscription program for fragrance lovers!

Available now!

Calling all fragrance lovers! Allow your passion of fragrance to keep you on new scent adventures with ScentFlirt. 💕

Our monthly subscription program is now open. For only $26🇺🇸 plus a low shipping cost, you receive things like surprise fragrance samples, products and discount coupons each month. From sneak peeks to unique brand-new product, you never know what we will be flirting with! SUBSCRIBE NOW ⬇️

BONUS ~ Loyal ScentFlirters will receive a 5% discount on all (non-sale) fragrance products after 6 consecutive months of subscribing.

How Does it work?

To subscribe to ScentFlirt head over to www.pinkzebrahome.com/dianapence and click the tab labeled ScentFlirt. EZPZ!! Your fun package of new fragrances will ship around the end of each month.

Pink Zebra 12 Days of Christmas

Our Pink Zebra 12 Days of Christmas Exclusive Holiday gift box set is Perfect as it is or divide it up and add a simmer pot or 2 for multiple gifts. I love this set! You can order 3 of our Frosted Flurry Simmering Light warmers and divide the gift set up and have 4 different fragrances to pair with each warmer and you have the perfect Christmas gift for your best friend, mom, sister, daughter inlaw, even the guys will like this one!!

In this gift box you get these 12 exclusive scents.

Day 1: Cookie Dough Bliss: Homemade cookie dough with a festive twist of dreamy amaretto.

Day 2: O’ Christmas Tree: Enlighten your Holiday’s with fresh green pine, fir balsam and patchouli.

Day 3: Peppermint Swirl: Frosted joy of sweet peppermint with undertones of creamy vanilla.

Day 4: Salted Caramel Drizzle: Salted golden caramel with drizzled toffee, maple butter and warm vanilla.

Day 5: Winterberry: Shimmering notes of blackberries, red currant & dark woods.

Day 6: Creamy Hazelnut Rum: A silky blend of golden hazelnut rum, vanilla cream and maple butter.

Day 7: Frosted Fruitcake: Fruity, sweet, cinnamon cake topped with vanilla buttercream spread.

Day 8: Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice:Aged bourbon, spiced vanilla, and spearmint swirled with decadent milk chocolate.

Day 9: Morning Mimosa: Sugared citruses burst with hint of bright pink fruits and berries.

Day 10: Feelin’ Frosty – Fire Tree & Mint:A magical snowfall of frosty air is complimented wit cooling notes of eucalyptus.

Day 11: Warm and Cozy – Amber & Wood:Oriental amber warmed with comforting white musk and a hint of nutmeg.

Day 12: White Chocolate Truffle: Rich white chocolate – creamy and delicious.

Each 3.75 oz. Bag is perfect on its own or for blending! Happy Holidays! www.pinkzebrahome.com/dianapence/shop.asp

 #MakeYourFriendsHousesSmellGood #GetOneForYourself #gifts #christmas #homedecor #homefragrance #caramel #cookiedough #peppermint