Pink Zebra Kit Sale September 2017

This is a fabulous opportunity for you to join my team for as little as $29!!  Are you ready to join?? Starting Thursday Sept 21st for the first 1,600 people to join the starter kit is only $29. WOW! 6 glorious days of a kit sale. This is a deal. We are still celebrating Pink Zebra’s 6 year anniversary and new team members will get the gift of a kit discount.   ~While supplies last~      I will train you and help you reach your quick start goals to earn free product.  We have Pink Zebra team Facebook pages you will be a part of, we do most of our training online so no need to worry about going to meetings!  Win Win!  We are a top team and I will be here to make you successful.  Maybe you want to get out of the house or make a little extra money on the side to pay for the “Fun” stuff.  Take the family on vacation or better yet pay for Christmas this year in cash!  How about a new career?  You can earn a full time income with Pink Zebra!  Click the join tab at the top of the page to jump right in and join our team!

2 thoughts on “Pink Zebra Kit Sale September 2017”

  1. I would really love to get the pink zebra 29.00 or 39.00 kit please I’ve been looking for them

    1. April, not sure why but your comment just popped up for me. If you would like to email me i will let you know the next time that our kits go on sale or we have type of special on the kits!!

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