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Pink Friday Sale

Perfect gifts! 🎁 SIX Exclusive scents for JUST $49. Can you smell the Caramel and Hot Cocoa? Baking Snickerdoodles? A Bubbly Champagne to celebrate.
Caramel Popcorn
Vanilla Silk
Rose Champagne
Holiday Citrus Berry
Hot Cocoa
Add a Cute Snowflake ❄️ Simmer Pot for only $20 ❤️
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Pink Zebra Join Special

It is like Pink Zebra knew it was my birthday 🎉🎂 today. Kit sale!! $29 plus tax and shipping gets you a goodie box 🎁 full of product and samples. Join me today and it will be just like it was your birthday 🎂🎉 also!! #Birthday#Fun #LetsAllCelebrate  

Have you been watching and waiting for the perfect time?🕔 Wait no more! $29 standard kit sale!!!. How would it feel to pay cash for Christmas 🌲🎁this year? Pay a bill? Cover a car 🚗 payment? Would you like to save for a family vacation? 🏖️ How about not worrying if your child wants to play club sports?🏀🏐🏈🎾🥋⛸️ You can enroll them in two dance classes instead of one! You can be a 🦓!! Message me for details. #Sale#HomeFragrance #HomeDecor #Soywax #Wickless #Fall       #Pumpkin #Winter

Pink Zebra is Celebrating 7 Years!

Pink Zebra is celebrating 7 years!! 🎉

7 years and we couldn’t feel any luckier! We have the most extraordinary Consultants, Customers and Home Office Team imaginable! Every day for the past 7 years we have been lucky enough to help change the fragrance and the lives of so many. Join us in celebrating 7 incredible years! 🎉🥂💕  I am so pleased to have joined Pink Zebra and I am so proud to be part of this company.  We have changed so many lives and the support we give to single mothers through donating days of FREE daycare and also offering scholarships for single moms to go back to school just warms my heart.
This limited set includes 6 top sellers from the past and one exclusive anniversary fragrance ~ Copper Woods!

Fresh Raspberry- Sun ripened raspberries hanging on the vine.
Cake Batter- Beater lickin’ good!
Paisley’s Punch – Sweet & tangy cherry, orange, berry and pineapple touched with fresh black currant and lime create the ultimate refreshment!
Lovely Lady- For the lovely lady, a soft, sophisticated, amber-touched woodland bouquet paired with a glass of fruity bubbly.
Southern Pecan Pie- A buttery, flaky pie crust filled with gooey homemade nutty sweetness.
Turquoise Waters- Relax, sit back & inhale the ocean’s surf & sand.
Copper Woods- Sparkling woods with romantic amber.


Join Pink Zebra for $39

Thinking about joining Pink Zebra?  Have you been watching and waiting for the perfect time?🕔 Wait no more! Our full sized starter kit is on sale for only $39. How would it feel to pay cash for Christmas 🌲🎁this year? Pay a bill? Cover a car 🚗 payment? Would you like to save for a family vacation? 🏖️ How about never having to worry if your child wants to play club sports?🏀🏐🏈🎾🥋⛸️ Because you will be making extra money you can enroll them in two dance classes instead of one! You can be a zebra, most importantly come meet 200 of your new best friends 🦓!! Message me for details.

Our Pink Zebra kit is on sale until Monday August 20th.  We have a fabulous and very active team you will be joining, they are the best!  You will also be joining our team pages on Facebook.  Another perk of joining Pink Zebra is lots of fun and contests.  I have created a separate boot camp just for new consultants to give that extra boost you need to succeed.

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June Kit Special

Pink Zebra will be having a very fast kit sale!  Want a kit for only $39 or $59?? Now you can!! So excited this kit sale will start at 9am EST on Sat morning. And you get a bonus bag and table runner! Limited quantities so you have to be fast. #JoinMe #SummerSale #PinkZebra #HomeFragrance #HomeDecor #SoyWax Pink Zebra never ceases to amaze me!! 🙌 What an amazing company to be a part of! If you have been considering it ✋or you just want a HUGE 🎁 box of goodies for an incredible deal, this is the perfect time!! 💵💰 Message me if you’re interested!! There’s no catch!! #ComejoinMyTeam #WeWillHaveFun #ItWillBeLikeChristmas Newly launched in Canada!!! **You pay tax and shipping on the kit** www.pinkzebrahome.com/dianapence/join.asp

Fun New Watermelon Warmer from Pink Zebra

It may be cold where you are at but this darling new Watermelon Warmer from Pink Zebra will brighten up your kitchen, office, living room, anywhere you want it to feel and smell like summer.  Our new Watermelon Warmer comes with the exclusive scent of Watermelon Lemonade Sprinkles.  Nothing better than the smell of summer fun to brighten up your winter day.  Imagine sitting on the front porch with a glass of lemonade in your hand, the sunshine rays peeking thru the trees, the sound of laughter in the background…..I can feel it all now.   This cute Watermelon will  only be around for a few days so get yours quick! Available from Feb 5th-17th.



Pink Zebra Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day Special

It is a fabulous new year and Pink Zebra has a fabulous new special for you!  Our newest simmering light warmer is just in time for Valentine’s Day.  It comes complete with a brand new scent Macaron.  YUMMY!  Either one of these packages will make a fabulous gift for your mom, sister, daughter, friend, co-worker, or even pick on up just for YOU to enjoy.  Enjoy the plaid warmer by itself with your new soy wax sprinkles or add the fun, pink heart cut out shade to go over the plaid warmer.  Pink Zebra makes it so easy to decorate your home, office, or even your car!  Fragrances are very powerful and can re-create your most precious memories and it is always nice to walk into your house and have it smell inviting.  My family is always asking what I am baking.  This is a while supplies last Pink Zebra special so don”t miss out, order yours today.  Your favorite Sweetheart will thank you!

Spread the 💕 available now through 1/19 or while supplies last.

Option 1 ~ Heart Shade, Plaid Simmering Light and Pink Macaron Sprinkles USD $48.75 CAD $60.95

Option 2 ~ Plaid Simmering Light and Pink Macaron Sprinkles USD $34 CAD $42.50


Your Favorite Pink Zebra Cartons are on SALE!!


This is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite Pink Zebra cartons. The top 10 are on sale right now.  First of all this is a fabulous value as the cartons are priced so that you are getting 4 jars equal to the price of 3.  Therefore you get a bonus jar and they are on sale, Win Win for you!  So pick your favorite Pink Zebra carton from below.

Aspen Pink ~ Freshly cut Christmas pine decorated with clove studded oranges. It’s a seasonal fragrance but fans who love that outdoors scent can enjoy it year round.

Candy Corn ~ A favorite fall treat – sweet corn syrup mixed with powdered sugar and sweet vanilla!

Clementine Wreath ~ A favorite fall treat – sweet corn syrup mixed with powdered sugar and sweet vanilla!

Cranberry Chutney ~ A sweet and tart relish made with cranberries, raisins and orange zest.

French Vanilla ~ The creamiest vanilla ever – tres’ magnifique!

Homemade Gingerbread ~ Warm, spicy, sweet homemade gingerbread with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Maple Pumpkin ~ Fresh baked pumpkin drizzled with sweet maple syrup.

Meditation ~ Notes of hibiscus and marine aquatic plants bring peace and calm to your life.

Pumpkin Bread ~ Moist and hot…right out of the oven, notes of pumpkin, clove, cinnamon and walnuts.

Winter Woods ~ Soft vanilla and rich sandalwood are enhanced with notes of Arctic ice.



Welcome Canada to Pink Zebra!

I am so excited to welcome our new friends from Canada to Pink Zebra!  October 7th. we launched in all provinces except for Quebec.  Many have decided to be part of this adventure.  We held a fun rally for new consultants to join and learn about Pink Zebra.  Over 50 joined at this rally held in Calgary!  I think this will be a great partnership and it is the perfect time for the launch as fall is our best selling season.  I am happy to welcome to my team several new ladies from all across Canada.  We have a wonderful training program and the first new kits should be arriving this next week.  Imagine how great your houses will be smelling.  Imagine how great the truck bringing those kits will be smelling!!  Lucky truck driver!  Contact me for more information on being one of the first consultants to start a new business in Canada.  For the first 300 to join we have a kit special just for you.  Send me a message or text at 316-734-1374

Pink Zebra Kit Sale September 2017

This is a fabulous opportunity for you to join my team for as little as $29!!  Are you ready to join?? Starting Thursday Sept 21st for the first 1,600 people to join the starter kit is only $29. WOW! 6 glorious days of a kit sale. This is a deal. We are still celebrating Pink Zebra’s 6 year anniversary and new team members will get the gift of a kit discount.   ~While supplies last~      I will train you and help you reach your quick start goals to earn free product.  We have Pink Zebra team Facebook pages you will be a part of, we do most of our training online so no need to worry about going to meetings!  Win Win!  We are a top team and I will be here to make you successful.  Maybe you want to get out of the house or make a little extra money on the side to pay for the “Fun” stuff.  Take the family on vacation or better yet pay for Christmas this year in cash!  How about a new career?  You can earn a full time income with Pink Zebra!  Click the join tab at the top of the page to jump right in and join our team!