Pink Zebra is Celebrating 7 Years!

Pink Zebra is celebrating 7 years!! ?

7 years and we couldn’t feel any luckier! We have the most extraordinary Consultants, Customers and Home Office Team imaginable! Every day for the past 7 years we have been lucky enough to help change the fragrance and the lives of so many. Join us in celebrating 7 incredible years! ???  I am so pleased to have joined Pink Zebra and I am so proud to be part of this company.  We have changed so many lives and the support we give to single mothers through donating days of FREE daycare and also offering scholarships for single moms to go back to school just warms my heart.
This limited set includes 6 top sellers from the past and one exclusive anniversary fragrance ~ Copper Woods!

Fresh Raspberry- Sun ripened raspberries hanging on the vine.
Cake Batter- Beater lickin’ good!
Paisley’s Punch – Sweet & tangy cherry, orange, berry and pineapple touched with fresh black currant and lime create the ultimate refreshment!
Lovely Lady- For the lovely lady, a soft, sophisticated, amber-touched woodland bouquet paired with a glass of fruity bubbly.
Southern Pecan Pie- A buttery, flaky pie crust filled with gooey homemade nutty sweetness.
Turquoise Waters- Relax, sit back & inhale the ocean’s surf & sand.
Copper Woods- Sparkling woods with romantic amber. 

June Kit Special

Pink Zebra will be having a very fast kit sale!  Want a kit for only $39 or $59?? Now you can!! So excited this kit sale will start at 9am EST on Sat morning. And you get a bonus bag and table runner! Limited quantities so you have to be fast. #JoinMe #SummerSale #PinkZebra #HomeFragrance #HomeDecor #SoyWax Pink Zebra never ceases to amaze me!! ? What an amazing company to be a part of! If you have been considering it ✋or you just want a HUGE ? box of goodies for an incredible deal, this is the perfect time!! ?? Message me if you’re interested!! There’s no catch!! #ComejoinMyTeam #WeWillHaveFun #ItWillBeLikeChristmas Newly launched in Canada!!! **You pay tax and shipping on the kit**

Fun New Watermelon Warmer from Pink Zebra

It may be cold where you are at but this darling new Watermelon Warmer from Pink Zebra will brighten up your kitchen, office, living room, anywhere you want it to feel and smell like summer.  Our new Watermelon Warmer comes with the exclusive scent of Watermelon Lemonade Sprinkles.  Nothing better than the smell of summer fun to brighten up your winter day.  Imagine sitting on the front porch with a glass of lemonade in your hand, the sunshine rays peeking thru the trees, the sound of laughter in the background…..I can feel it all now.   This cute Watermelon will  only be around for a few days so get yours quick! Available from Feb 5th-17th.


Pink Zebra Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day Special

It is a fabulous new year and Pink Zebra has a fabulous new special for you!  Our newest simmering light warmer is just in time for Valentine’s Day.  It comes complete with a brand new scent Macaron.  YUMMY!  Either one of these packages will make a fabulous gift for your mom, sister, daughter, friend, co-worker, or even pick on up just for YOU to enjoy.  Enjoy the plaid warmer by itself with your new soy wax sprinkles or add the fun, pink heart cut out shade to go over the plaid warmer.  Pink Zebra makes it so easy to decorate your home, office, or even your car!  Fragrances are very powerful and can re-create your most precious memories and it is always nice to walk into your house and have it smell inviting.  My family is always asking what I am baking.  This is a while supplies last Pink Zebra special so don”t miss out, order yours today.  Your favorite Sweetheart will thank you!

Spread the ? available now through 1/19 or while supplies last.

Option 1 ~ Heart Shade, Plaid Simmering Light and Pink Macaron Sprinkles USD $48.75 CAD $60.95

Option 2 ~ Plaid Simmering Light and Pink Macaron Sprinkles USD $34 CAD $42.50

Pink Zebra Kit Sale September 2017

This is a fabulous opportunity for you to join my team for as little as $29!!  Are you ready to join?? Starting Thursday Sept 21st for the first 1,600 people to join the starter kit is only $29. WOW! 6 glorious days of a kit sale. This is a deal. We are still celebrating Pink Zebra’s 6 year anniversary and new team members will get the gift of a kit discount.   ~While supplies last~      I will train you and help you reach your quick start goals to earn free product.  We have Pink Zebra team Facebook pages you will be a part of, we do most of our training online so no need to worry about going to meetings!  Win Win!  We are a top team and I will be here to make you successful.  Maybe you want to get out of the house or make a little extra money on the side to pay for the “Fun” stuff.  Take the family on vacation or better yet pay for Christmas this year in cash!  How about a new career?  You can earn a full time income with Pink Zebra!  Click the join tab at the top of the page to jump right in and join our team!

Pink Zebra Decorating Ideas


shades 2014The holidays are over, you have taken down the decorations and now your house looks “naked”.  So many decisions to make.  Should you put back the same decor you had up before Thanksgiving?  Do you really want to look at the same items in the same spot that you looked at all of 2014?  No you don’t but you are not sure what to put in its place.  No problem, Pink Zebra and pzmom to the rescue!!  I have many ideas and unique decor to help solve your problems.

shades 2014 2Time to make your house look warm and inviting for the new year.  The Rooster Shade is perfect for the small display in the kitchen.  Add a couple of recipe books and a small display of dried flowers and you are set.

tranquility shadeThe above Tranquility Shade is perfect in the living room…..on a piano, on the mantle, or on a side table.  You can leave it by itself as a conversation piece or if you want to dress it up put the brown simmering lights base under it and add your favorite scent of sprinkles and you are all ready to enjoy.  In the picture it is also shown paired with the clear Crackled Mirror Glass Shade.

glimmer candlePerhaps you are tired of Winter and need some sunshine in your world or maybe you live in a southern sunny state.  Pink Zebra has ideas for you.  Make a glimmer candle and accent it with your favorite sea shells from a day trip to the beach!  Use 2-3 different colored sprinkles to make it your own personal touch.

simmer pots collageFor those small rooms we offer numerous simmer pots to melt your favorite scent in.  The single dish warmers come in solid colors while our double dish warmers offer you more choices in decor from country to animal to camo.

Check out my facebook page at for more ideas and photos.  Contact me with any questions, I would love to answer them or help you with ideas.  If you love what you see and want it for free become a hostess or a consultant and never pay full price again!

Diana  🙂

October New Consultant Special

October is a fantastic month to join Pink Zebra!! Have you been thinking about joining Pink Zebra? Now is one of the best times. In direct sales history shows that the fall selling season is the easiest and the most profitable time to start your own business. Have fun introducing a new product to your friends, earn sprinkles and your favorite shades for free, make extra money for yourself, and join a team who is active with training and let’s just face it….we have a lot of FUN!!!! Being a new consultant is very easy. Our company Pink Zebra has fantastic online training videos to get you started. I will do one on one training with you to help get you up and running with your new business. Our team is a very strong and active team with weekly training done online. You will be successful and you will earn free product along the way. So browse through the catalog and pick out your favorite items and let’s get you started earning money right away!!  Check me out on




Oct 2014 join special

August Join Pink Zebra Special

Have you been thinking about joining Pink Zebra?  Now is one of the best times.  In direct sales history shows that the fall selling season is the easiest and the most profitable time to start your own business.  Have fun introducing a new product to your friends, earn sprinkles and your favorite shades for free, make extra money for yourself, and join a team who is active with training and let’s just face it….we have a lot of FUN!!!!


Aug join special

August Paisley’s Pick of the Month

                 aug paisley pick croppedAugust Paisley’s of the month is Pumpkin Amber.  This smells wonderful!!  I have been burning this in my warmer already.

Welcome Asbury Park family and friends

I am very excited to welcome Asbury Park family and friends to your fundraiser.  This will be very fun and exciting for the kids and what a great way to raise money for the daycare.  Grab a cup of tea or coffee and a snack and enjoy your time browsing the catalog, make yourself at home and welcome to Pink Zebra.  Below I have included information about our products you will find helpful.  When you are ready to shop click on the shop now tab above.  Feel free to contact me with any help you may need or with any questions you have, I want to make this the best experience with myself and Pink Zebra you can possibly have.

Pink Zebra is an exciting new direct sales company offering soy wax sprinkles for warmers allowing you to make your own personal scents. We also have reed diffusers, kitchen soaps and lotions, and so much more.  Use our soy wax sprinkles in your candle warmer, on top of an existing candle, or make your own glimmer candle. Easy to mix the scents and create your own personal fragrance that you love.  You can find more recipes on my facebook page.


Our sprinkles are made from a food grade blend of soy wax.  Because of this blend they will last longer, hold their fragrance longer, and will not harm anyone if they accidently eat them.  The soy is from American farmers so you will be buying American!  The sprinkle form is fun for mixing and blending the different scents to create your own personal scent.  One jar of sprinkles burning several hours a day will last you 30-45 days.  The sprinkles may be used in any warmer that you currently have.  To start your warmer use a small spoonful of sprinkles and then add more if you would like a stronger scent.

sprinkles 3

Our reed diffusers come with a plastic top that you will save.  When your reeds start to dry out simply put the lid back on, tip upside down and re-wet the reeds to make the scent stronger again.  Reed diffusers will last 3-5 months depending on the strength of the scent and where in your house you keep them.

reed diffuser large