Pink Zebra Garage Sale

And the fun just keeps on going this summer. Everyone loves a garage sale! Get your favorite sprinkles! We are clearing out to make space in the warehouse in anticipation of an exciting new season ahead! Each item is available while supplies last or through 7/8. There are even some special event fragrances in this sale. Hurry as they won’t last long! Pick a scent that will remind you of a warm summer’s night, or how about cookies baking in the oven, or a fun day at the beach. Fresh Strawberry, Fresh Raspberry, Beach Breeze, and even Snickerdoodles! Yummy!! So many to choose from, too many to list. Click the link and start shopping! Everyone loves to have their house smell warm and inviting when you first walk in the door. or send me a message.  #summer #fun #July #homedecor #homefragrance #garagesale #WhileSuppliesLast