Your Favorite Pink Zebra Cartons are on SALE!!


This is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite Pink Zebra cartons. The top 10 are on sale right now.  First of all this is a fabulous value as the cartons are priced so that you are getting 4 jars equal to the price of 3.  Therefore you get a bonus jar and they are on sale, Win Win for you!  So pick your favorite Pink Zebra carton from below.

Aspen Pink ~ Freshly cut Christmas pine decorated with clove studded oranges. It’s a seasonal fragrance but fans who love that outdoors scent can enjoy it year round.

Candy Corn ~ A favorite fall treat – sweet corn syrup mixed with powdered sugar and sweet vanilla!

Clementine Wreath ~ A favorite fall treat – sweet corn syrup mixed with powdered sugar and sweet vanilla!

Cranberry Chutney ~ A sweet and tart relish made with cranberries, raisins and orange zest.

French Vanilla ~ The creamiest vanilla ever – tres’ magnifique!

Homemade Gingerbread ~ Warm, spicy, sweet homemade gingerbread with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Maple Pumpkin ~ Fresh baked pumpkin drizzled with sweet maple syrup.

Meditation ~ Notes of hibiscus and marine aquatic plants bring peace and calm to your life.

Pumpkin Bread ~ Moist and hot…right out of the oven, notes of pumpkin, clove, cinnamon and walnuts.

Winter Woods ~ Soft vanilla and rich sandalwood are enhanced with notes of Arctic ice.


Welcome Canada to Pink Zebra!

I am so excited to welcome our new friends from Canada to Pink Zebra!  October 7th. we launched in all provinces except for Quebec.  Many have decided to be part of this adventure.  We held a fun rally for new consultants to join and learn about Pink Zebra.  Over 50 joined at this rally held in Calgary!  I think this will be a great partnership and it is the perfect time for the launch as fall is our best selling season.  I am happy to welcome to my team several new ladies from all across Canada.  We have a wonderful training program and the first new kits should be arriving this next week.  Imagine how great your houses will be smelling.  Imagine how great the truck bringing those kits will be smelling!!  Lucky truck driver!  Contact me for more information on being one of the first consultants to start a new business in Canada.  For the first 300 to join we have a kit special just for you.  Send me a message or text at 316-734-1374